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Cozy Cottage


This beautiful candle is full of life, warmth, family, heart, coziness and it literally felt like we had bottled the whole winter season.

This candle is filled with so much heart and soul that you will want to burn it everyday of the year just like we do at home.

Delicately scented with frozen pine, warm spice, brown sugar and a touch of vanilla.



Each Ebony & Ivory candle is a unique scent created for fragrancing the home. The candles are hand crafted in Canada using phthalate free fragrance oils, 100% soy wax and crackling wood wicks.

For a better burning experience trim your wood wick before each burn by gently tapping off any excess charcoal bits from the wick.

8 oz Candles – 40-50 hour approximate burn time.

16 oz Candles – 80-100 hour approximate burn time.

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8 oz, 16 oz